What we do for businesses

We support businesses in tax optimisation. We analyse the current situation and propose solutions that will improve the company’s financial result. We develop a strategy together that will allow the company to reduce its liabilities to the tax authorities and thereby to release funds that can be invested in other ways.

Effectiveness as a priority

Based on our experience and up-to-date knowledge of the available solutions, we propose those that are most beneficial from the perspective of the organisation’s objectives.

Smaller and medium-sized companies, dynamic growth

We work with family businesses and larger companies. We want to participate in the development of their business potential and increase their chances of maximising their results.

Main areas of operation:

  • Legal property protection: We help set up and operate foundations.
  • Safe and comfortable investing: We support businesses in taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by Alternative Investment Companies.
  • Increased business efficiency: We conduct tax planning and effective restructuring processes; we analyse business models.
  • Security and comfort for management: Together we develop the company’s tax and financial policies.
    Ongoing support and keeping our finger on the pulse: We monitor tax regulations and the market for new regulations and obligations that arise, e.g. in drafting the transfer pricing documentation. We provide personalised support for tax and accounting processes.
  • Improving staff competence: We organise tax, accounting and payroll training courses. We assist in the accounting personnel recruitment.
  • We conduct workshops to tailor a wide range of allowances to the business.
  • We conduct tax and penal and fiscal proceedings: We represent clients in tax-related matters.
    Comprehensive business support: We assist with due diligence; we analyse and draft contracts and agreements, secure adopted tax solutions; we participate in business justification tasks for business transactions and taxation of real estate transactions; we verify the correctness of local tax and civil transactions tax calculations and payments; we advise on models using international structures and in many other areas.
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