What we do for insurers

Our specialisation in insurance law enables us to gain an in-depth understanding of the numerous problems in this market. Based on this, we provide valuable advice and implement creative operational strategies to keep the important goals at the forefront.

We participate in the development of procedures, model documents and general terms of services. We are a strong support in claim handling. We deal with court proceedings from the beginning to the final and valid decision.

Performance in DNA

Thanks to the latest technological developments, we are able to streamline our workflow, which means we can handle many tasks at the same time, at a lower cost and with the highest quality standards.

Effectiveness as a standard

The experience we have gained enables us to expand our knowledge of a wide range of insurance risks. We do not limit ourselves to the procedures we have already developed. We observe the insurance market and we track claims for new areas of operation. We participate in insurance disputes, including those of an international nature.

Main areas of operation:

  • Product and service liability: We handle claims submitted by clients and service recipients.
    Personal injury and third party liability: We provide insurance cover for private individuals, businesses and real estate owners.
  • Automotive and transport industries: We handle traffic-related claims such as accidents, problems with passenger or heavy goods transport. We are interested in logistics disputes and environmental issues.
  • Property: We deal with matters relating to land settlement, construction of structures and their defects as well as fortuitous events such as explosions or fires.
  • Finance: We give our opinion on the insurance requirements for financing.
  • Compliance and risk management: We develop and negotiate policies and advise on the implementation of new regulations.
  • Litigation outsourcing: We ensure greater flexibility, more accurate reporting and better productivity to the best insurance companies in Poland.
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